Two Daves, Impacting Legacies

An Op-Ed on two men who impacted their communities

By Giles Kennedy

Chief Editor/Founder

The Ohio Railroader Website

Chief Administrator

Ohio Valley Rails Facebook Page

I shall forever miss two Daves. One who left us in 2016, one who left us February 2020.

In the ICU, I visited my dear friend Dave Weissman at OSU Wexner Medical Center on a brisk December day in 2016.

All he wanted to know if I was okay, have me share stories of the family and show pics of our trips and such…..

Dave was that type of guy. Even though he was and shall remain “Mr. Columbus Wired”, he was so much more than that.

He was about helping folks out, sharing the news of the Central Ohio community, and most of all…loving his family and friends.He was always proud of his daughter Kelli Weissman, his son Blake Weissman and his spirited, compassionate and loving wife Kim Blake Weissman.

He was very proud of his parents. Stan, who past away a year or so ago…and his mom Jean was one of the most active seniors with the Westerville Parks and Recreation Department.

So much so; she made the cover of one of their seasonal guides.

Kelli is currently a nurse, Blake currently attends Ohio U (keeping connected to his WSHS baseball friends, for which Dave proud coached), and Kim is serving as a chaplain at Mount Carmel.

All three of these folks served their community one way or another because the spirit of serving from Dave’s attitude of “Paying It Forward”.

Hebrews 6:10New International Version (NIV)

10 God is not unjust; he will not forget your work and the love you have shown him as you have helped his people and continue to help them.

Am I saddened Dave Weissman is no longer among us? Yes.

Will I continue his legacy while taking care of my family, my church family, and friends? Most certainly yes.

For which the same passion he had coaching baseball, writing a Columbus Blue Jackets article or covering the Memorial…he had an equal if not stronger passion for his family and friends.

In similar fashion, Charles David Lindsey aka Dave Lindsey was a man of the community, via his rental properties, active with folks in Clintonville, Upper Arlington, and help promoting model railroading.

He loved his family; his son Tony, his wife and grandkids.

He was regularly trying to give affordable, fair housing to the tenants he rented to. Many years he worked hard on properties in the Campus and Clintonville areas.

He was extremely active in the world of model railroading and preservation. His efforts with Central Ohio N-Trak (as club president) and fundraising for Marion Union Station was well known.

His sense of humor and kindness was hand in hand.

It was a single act of kindness of giving me a newly new Bachmann Spectrum SD-45; prior to my admission to the James Cancer Center in 2011, that still strikes me to this day.

I also seen Dave Lindsey prior to his passing. In January, he and Brandon Lee visited my home HO pike.

Later that month…I visited Dave Lindsey in the Bing Cancer Center. He shared he may not have much time left with us. But his spirit, his sense of humor and perseverance remained strong.

I continue to dedicate what I do for the civil communities in memory of Dave Weissman and Dave Lindsey. As well, I do because both men paid it forward to the very end of their lives.

Forever #davestrong

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