The Ohio Railroader Submission of Articles Guidelines

The Ohio Railroader reserves the right to accept or reject articles submitted to our Chief Editor, any administrators, or associated members of the Facebook group, Ohio Valley Rails; who are active contributors.

We do prefer to state the following if submitting.
1. If it is prototype, historical, modeling, freelance modeling, etc.
2. Thorough research for any historical and/or prototype content. Please state and site sources.
3. If freelance model railroading, state location of layout, inspiration behind concept.
4. Contributing photographers, modelers, etc to article stated in foreword or summary of article.
The Ohio Railroader is more than happy to have you submit our article to another publication. Please refer, if published on our website 1st or prior to another media source; state we were original published location.

Rules for Photography attached to articles (per recommended by Christos Fouras, member of Central Ohio N-Trak and The Ohio Railroader)

“Fair use is a legal concept that allows the reproduction of copyrighted material for certain purposes without obtaining permission and without paying a fee or royalty. Purposes permitting the application of fair use generally include review, news reporting, teaching, or scholarly research. The idea of fair use originally arose for written works. But with the advent of digital technology and the Internet, fair use has sometimes been applied to the redistribution of musical works, photographs, videos, and computer programs.” From the website…
“Please do not use photos shared on the Ohio Railroader without permission especially copyrighted pics, shared photos, etc.”

As for articles themselves; Please adhere to basic rules of grammar, correct spelling and use a Microsoft Word document for submission.
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