The Joys and Frustrations of Model Railroading

Commentary by Giles Kennedy

Chief Editor and Founder

Model Railroaders run trains. No we don’t have as tough of job as the “1/1 scale” professional railroaders.

In fact, I have high respect the men and women who make the real freight and passengers across the silver steel rails across our land. Many are friends of mine. Allen Whitaker, Denis Blake, and several others….have not coffee yet. You all know who you are….


I have been a model railroader since 1985.

Have you tried to politely keep a curious child from derailing a 100 car coal drag?

Have you tried correcting an even more curious adult pointing details in a club module?

Or even at your club layout, have you worked as dispatcher to keep the club members trains running smooth?

There is the great elements of building the structures, painting the engines and cars, laying and wiring track (yes some folks love wiring), etc.



Then there are the aspects of the hobby people don’t realize…..




Whether be retaining peace at a club gathering or meeting…..or trying to keep a great image of modelers without crossing the line; not looking like cranky and unfriendly snobs.


Attempting to model the way we want, prototypical or freelanced; and not hack off our fellow modelers in the process.


Plus any other indidvual who does not even get the concept of modeling a railroad operation.


Minature Construction


Those buildings (most of the time, unless pre bullt) don’t come up overnight. Especially those laser cut wood and precision kits. They are not easy.

Let alone detail parts that we put on engines and cars.


Plus wiring, benchwork to place said models, etc.




You’re hearing here from a seasoned modeler. The majority of modeled roads are now gone. People not in the hobby ask questions. “Who’s Conrail? Who’s the Pennsylvania Railroad?”


We as modelers do have a responsiblity of keeping the hobby alive to research at least a little bit what “Fallen Flag” we love and know the history.


To share that history is not only a joy, but an educational tool to share American (and/or Canadian) history.


Modeling keep railroad history alive and in sight and touch of the general public.



So, next time some one says, “Aren’t those trains cute?”


Don’t take offense. Their interest has been sparked by your love of the Iron Horse.


Heart of Ohio Tour Eve 2014 KVCMRR 010 EnterTRAINment Junction June 2014 062 Ohio N Scale Weekend 2013 024

Brandon Townley, newest member of Marion Model Railroad Club; running some Conrail power

Brandon Townley, newest member of Marion Model Railroad Club; running some Conrail power

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