From a post on the Cinci Central FB Page

Brandon from the Central Ohio Railfan Yahoo Groups posted..


Please take a read and take heed..


To all fellow railfans who frequent cooke rd. After discussion with one of the owners of Vitale Chicken, he would like to pass on a simple request. Please park in an orderly fashion on the property. The proper parking arrangement is to have your car facing east and west, doesn’t matter if its head in or tail in. The parking block should be on the west side of your car. If there is not a block there, don’t park there. They have been more than understanding of us railfans using their property for many years, they just ask us not to interrupt their business. This goes for all hours night and day, even if it looks like nobody is there. Trucks come and go at all hours. This was in response to the owner having a difficult time getting to the building the night the OCS came through. Also, if you see trash, please pick it up, even if it isn’t yours, it reflects badly on us.


Cooke Rd, has been a great place for all railfans and I would hate to see us run off due to people parking in stupid places. Please pass this on to all railfans you know in the area.




Not only should this go for Cooke Road, but anyone who railfans..respect the railroad property and property near the right of way. Ken Heyl and some of the Greenwich gang has built up a good relationship with a farmer near the mainline up there. We should not only be thankful we can still railfan….but set an example for those start to “watch and chase trains”…


Thanks Brandon and thank you railfans who do “respect the rails”…