Ohio Railroader Public Notice Regarding Business FB Page

Effective immediately; I will no longer seek or attempt to make profit on this website nor look to procreate business on the soon to be deleted OHRRer Business Page. Let it be known as well; no single profit has been place by any activities by The Ohio Railroader website; nor affiliated entities since starting over 10 years ago.

This was a stand alone entity from this website and the Facebook Page, Ohio Valley Rails.

This was not a decision that was not easy; alas with lack of support from Facebook Technical Support, it was the only way to clear any fraudulent and ill spoken reviews, comments and  such from the set up page.

Again, as long as I paid for the stand alone website The Ohio Railroader…and with as help from our admins and long time members of Ohio Valley Rails Facebook Page…these entities will continue for the sole purpose of bringing the love of the Iron Horse, Buckeye State and Beyond.

I am extremely grateful to the followers of the website and members of Ohio Valley Rails. I would have never continue to do what I can to promote the hobby interests, historical efforts and professional railroad news….with that gratitude I deeply thank you.

Again, www.ohiorailroader.com and www.facebook.com/OhioValleyRails shall continue to operate. The Business Facebook page will be deleted within 14 days of this notice.

Thank you.

Noel Giles Kennedy

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