North Central Ohio Sojourn

By Giles Kennedy

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Prior to engaging on my daytrip; I offer the more full photo gallery from my FB Page; which was also shared on Ohio Valley Rails….

I would like to start this article with three simple phrases.

COVID-19 is still out there. Don’t feed the fear. Be proactive and safe while traveling.

That being said; let us begin where most folks travel to when they think trains in North Central Ohio.

Marion, Ohio.

Constructed in 1902; the Union Station has been a focus point of the Marion community. Even up until the last passenger trains from Erie Lackawanna and Chesapeake and Ohio; it served Marion for many years.

The Marion Union Station Association is the caretakers of this historic building. Pete White; MUSA president, can be often seen at the building.

In spite of the many events that were to play host this year; the station is still open to the public. It is select times during the week and various times on weekends. They do; indeed, have clean restrooms and are open if a volunteer is present.

The wonderful thing about Marion is a mixed blessing of sorts. It could be 12 trains in one day. It could be 40. However many trains pass by; they are many vantage points to take pictures.

From the stairwell of AC Tower, upon the restored EL caboose or inside the Station itself when open.

Marion Police patrol often the area there. The brick walkways and overhang shelters are perfect places to relax on any given day.

Please if visiting and a volunteer is there; donate to MUSA. I always drop a $5 bill in the donation jar.

Traveling northward to Bucyrus; most folks know them for their stuffed meats such as bratwurst.

A long time railroad town; the restored Toledo and Ohio Central Station stands guard over Colsan Crossing.

Since COVID-19 has place a stop on many local events; the station currently is not open to explore. However, the picnic tables and former passenger shelter welcome any one to stop by.

On the far east of Rensselaer Street; it is easily accessible from State Route 4.

Traveling southeast; following State Route 19 into Galion, a restored gem sits.

The former New York Central/Big Four Depot sits along the Columbus Subdivision of present day operator, CSX.

The shelter house and restrooms are only open for special events.

Y’all getting a theme, here?

Plan your trip accordingly. If it wasn’t for Carle’s Bratwurst in Bucyrus and open convenience store restrooms; it would have been rough.

Traffic on the “Burt” line is slow at best.

Our next stop through Mansfield was brief…..

I did get the iconic “Welcome to Mansfield” grain silo and Plymouth switcher. But, that was about it.

Ashland Railway has its main yard northeast of town; but far from accessible.

Driving by the NS section of Mansfield Yard off Oak Street isn’t much easier. Staying off railroad property and across the street; I grabbed the yardmaster’s office and went home.

The overall theme is this….

Travel smart, travel safe and enjoy the time spent.

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