Hannah and Dad’s Dayton Train Show Adventure 2017

Hannah and Dad’s Dayton Train Show Adventure 2017

By Giles Kennedy

Chief Editor, The Ohio Railroader Website

Founder, Ohio Valley Rails Facebook Page, EST 2010


Originally; this was to be a review about the Dayton(Springfield) Train Show at the Upper Valley Mall.

This is actually more about a day spent serving with Gail and Dana Yarnall, Rick Lach, and many of our friends with Miami Valley NMRA (Mid Central Region, Division 3).

Majority of the clubs from around the area were in attendance. Dayton N-Trak, Crossroads Model Railroad Club and Miami Valley Modular Modelers (HO) Miami Valley S-Gaugers, and Queen City Hi-Railers (O Scale) were there as well as private collection layouts and vendors. Central Indiana N-Trak aka CINTRAK was also part of the weekend.


Hannah and I encountered Gail, Dana, and Mr Don (can not remember his last name; but became Hannah’s best buddy). We checked in and proceeded to take the following photos.

There after; Hannah helped out the Springfield High School Key Club man the snack bar booth. They were raising funds for World Vision. She did indeed have a few snacks. An orange (for sale at the booth) plus cookies and Doritos were enjoyed.

I actually worked security. I never thought I would work security at any train show. Glad I did.

A repeat offender tried to take product from a vendor. Myself and Rick Lach (NMRA Div 3 President) connected with a passing German Township Police officer. The suspect in question was deterred from any further action. Go figure.

Come to find out, he was arrested last year for a similar infraction and has repeatedly target the small shopping mall.


That was not the mainstay of the day.


Thank Goodness.

Hannah and I interacted with vendors and Train Club exhibitors. The overall feeling was the show was indeed a success. There were some hiccups; but nothing that were easy solutions.

The families that visited were a cross section of folks from last year and new visitors.

All seemed to enjoy the way modelers were interacting with the guests at the show.

Robbie and Jennifer Yeager from Mount Vernon brought their sons. Many families from around the region were grateful for those who shown the love of the rails.

This show, like many other events; are indeed a way to spread the love of the Iron Horse. The following pictures reflect that.


Thank you NMRA Division 3 Miami Valley folks. The future looks bright for the event in years to come.


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