For the Love of the Iron Horse

Why I do the Ohio Railroader?

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By Giles  Kennedy

Founder and Chief Editor

The Ohio Railroader Website

Chief Editor and Founder,  Ohio Valley Rails Facebook Page

I have been asking this question of late. Wondering if I should even continue to keep the website running, let alone continue as chief admin/editor of the Facebook page.

But there is why I started in the first place and I smile.

It was late 2010. I was going through final treatment of battling Stage 3 B-Cell Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

I had already started the Cinci Central Facebook page…..which by the way;

It still exists, now more dedicated to my home pike.

Ken Heyl and several CCRY original members poised the question; why not start a more general interest RR site?

I really was reluctant at first. Not going to lie here.

The OVR (formerly Ohio Railroader FB page) and shortly after the website became a platform. A place in which modelers, real honest to goodness railroad workers, historians and railfans could come and share stories, pictures and links. For the Love of the Iron Horse, Buckeye State and Beyond was the original and continuing vision.

I was reluctant to start it because I had so much going on. Handling a new job, a newborn daughter, trying to be there for my life even why I was helpless with battling lymphoma; I really did not think I could even pull it off.

And today; the stories, the events that I have seen, the wonderful model railroads, the great locomotives and trains ran…It is a wonderful thing.

And for the most part; we all on the Facebook page get along.

It is that fact that people like David Rohdenburg,  Brian Brown, Dale DeVene, Allen Whitaker, Denis Blake, and the list goes on and on; I consider real friends.

I appreciate all of the new and elder members who have been with us from the beginning.

We all truly love the sound of the steam locomotive roaring through the Cuyahoga Valley. We love sitting a railroad crossing and see a train. (Most days, if not in a hurry)

We truly love the look of a child’s first reaction of a model train running on the layouts we operate.

We love sweating our bums off working on a restoration of a historic depot, piece of railroad equipment or working a model train show.

We (those in the professional railroad industry) love the fact we bring America its freight, its families home or a historic locomotive to the masses. (Again, most days…job is a job after all)

We love hunting for info on a former rail line, getting that piece of railroad artifact like an “American Picker” or making our home or railroad cave look like our piece of railroad history.

Notice the single word that keeps reoccurring.


The fascination of the railroad is much more than a hobby, an occupation, or interest.

For what I do as well as those who truly continue to share on our Facebook page and website; we love the railroad and for all it brings.

So, why continue this journey?

Simply put, for the love of the Iron Horse and for all those in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Michigan, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Virginia and of course beyond.

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