Families and Railroads Still Ties Binding

By Giles Kennedy

Chief Editor/Founder The Ohio Railroader Website

Founder/Chief Administrator Ohio Valley Rails FB Page

On a somewhat unsure winter day; shows like the Great Train Expo gave a window to a simple thing.

Whether it be the hobby of modeling, looking into history of the railroad, chasing a favorite train……Families and Railroads are ties that bind a great bond together.

I never intended to go to the Great Train Expo’s stop at the Ohio Exposition Center in Columbus, Ohio on a frosty January Saturday. Winter Storm Harper was breathing fear and concern for many families in the region. In fact, my family cancelled original plans to do the annual Hocking Hills Winter Hike.

My darling wife Tanya, my blue eyed daughter Hannah and I ventured south from Westerville to the State Fairgrounds/Expo Center. The weather that mid morning held. It was an indoor alternative to hiking icy trails.

We arrived at the Train Show. Although the space was modest for a Great Train Expo stop; several Central Ohio train clubs were there. This was also populated with well known vendors as Coryville Station and Robbie’s Hobbies of local fame.

Myself, my bride, and my blue eyed youngun explored the displays. After interacting with old friends in the modeling hobby, we proceeded to talk more with my long time friends…Central Ohio N-Trak.

Dave Lindsey (club president), Brandon Lee (VP), Josh McKeever, and Jason Hissong got me up to date on things. Jason looked at my daughter, Hannah.

“Hannah, you wanna run a train?”

She proceeded to take over the throttle of his Penn Central GG1 and heavyweight coaches. She ran the consist for nearly 30 minutes.

While she handled the throttle; I saw many, many families. Either seeing the hobby for the 1st time or long time train fans; families love trains.

I have been fascinated with trains myself. I ran a diesel switcher as a 5 year old in the hollars of Southwest Virginia. (Supervised by a railroad employee, by the way)

Whether it be a Norfolk Southern Office Car Special rumbling through town, a model train set that strikes hearts of dads and kids alike, or an old photo album or a granddad who ran a coal drag for the Norfolk and Western…….families who love railroads, these ties can bind.

Go to a train show. Ride a scenic railroad. Look into a local model train club.

In this day of age of tech, internet, tablets, and other distractions….
families who love railroads, these ties can bind


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