Dayton/Springfield Train Show Review 2016

Dayton Train Show At Upper Valley Mall successful weekend
2016 holds promise for future of train show site
By Giles Kennedy Chief Editor/Founder The Ohio Railroader Website
Founder The Ohio Valley Railroad Gang Facebook Site
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Several model railroad clubs, vendors, and visitors made the new home of the Dayton Train Show a roaring success. The Upper Valley Mall in Springfield became home base for the storied train show after the closure of Dayton’s Hara Arena.
Here were some of the clubs in attendance.
Miami Valley S Gaugers brought their large travel layout.
A group from Indianapolis; featured at the 2016 National Train Show, brought their modular N-Scale layout. The Middle Fork and Cedar Ridge Railway started construction in 2003, and have been together for several years.
Central Ohio N-Trak’s T Trak Layout, Crossroads Railroad Club’s HO layout, and Dayton N-Track’s modular layouts were also operating model trains.
Ohio Valley Sipping and Switching Society had their modular HO layout featuring their UPS Intermodal Yard.
A couple of private collection displays included a Vintage O scale layout and a portable steel mill N Scale layout.
Burning River N-Society and Miami Valley Garden Railway Society had layouts to share, as well.
Gail Richardson, Publicity Director/Co-Webmaster; and Nick Lach, President of NMRA Division 3, Mid Central Region, Miami Valley Division were extremely happy with the turnout and feedback.
The possibility of returning here next year is high, but not confirmed yet.
The Upper Valley Mall has been reaching out to Dayton/Springfield groups and non-profit organizations to host events. NMRA Miami Valley is one of the key groups to have a show/events hosted.
Several attendees were very happy with the vendors, layouts, and interaction with modelers.
I hope to see the Dayton/Springfield Train Show back here in the future.

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