Cincinnati and Southern Revisited 2018


By Giles Kennedy

Chief Editor, The Ohio Railroader Website

Founder, Ohio Valley Rails presented by The Ohio Railroader Website


Where to even begin? How about the beginning….


From the original visit for the website in 2012…(Wow, has it been that long ago?!?)


From Ken’s own words.

“It was started in 1991 as a result of the Handicap access laws regarding public access,” he speaks on his father’s former office at Heyl Funeral Home.

“I needed to get my funeral home operation all on one floor and left this 23 X 54 room empty”

He drew the room dimensions on graph paper and had three goals in mind.

1. Wide aisles so to be viewer freindly

2. Large radius curves

3. 1% grades to operate long freight trains


All bench work is 1×4 pine and drywall screwed together. Primary roadbed is 1/4 pine and plywood and secondary is flex cork; painted flat black with a dusting of primer gray.

Pictures are posted on the OHRRer’s Facebook page.

If you wish to visit his layout, please feel free to call his cell at 1-419-651-3471. The layout space is at a family owned business. Due to that and limited availability, please contact him at the number above or Ken does travel being “semi-retired-ish” so sometimes he may be away from the Model RR empire. He is not only an avid rail traveler and railfan, but a classic car guy.

Today’s visit had “the CEO of the Cincinnati and Southern Railway” greet me and long time friend Terry Sponsler aka “the Big Kahuna”.

By the way, Terry and I were joking who’s face would break the lens. Obviously the computer’s fault. It would not load the pic of Ken and Terry together. Go figure.

Other than that, The Cinci Central Railway System (my freelance Super Regional) visited the C&S rails for a run of “The Panhandle Express” named for the PRR’s former line and current G&W/Ohio Central Railroad trackage.

The lashup included “CCRY Heritage” Unit PRR 8102, CCRY’s Ex OHCR Units 4032 and 2913.

This train traversed the C&S right of way without a hitch.

The pictures quite frankly did not do this great layout justice.

It was a great joy to return here. Ohio Valley Rails (formerly named the Ohio Railroader FB page) was started in 2010. The website was signed on in 2012. So to be able to have throttle time on a well maintained and beautiful layout, it was a honor.

Ashland Model Railroaders and Railfans visit the layout from time to time.

Ken and Terry are part of that group as well as visit other Northern Ohio sites and groups.

I consider myself blessed by Ken’s friendship and mentor-ship in the hobby.

Look for more model rail and railfan adventures in the future.






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