Central Ohio Railfanning January 2021

By Giles Kennedy

Chief Editor The Ohio Railroader Website

Chief Admin Ohio Valley Rails FB Page

I rarely do a photo essay.

But with “progressive railroading” giving our hard working men and women who actually work the railroads; it’s been hit and miss to see a train work a regularly scheduled run.

The joys of Thursday January 21st and Wednesday January 27th were not without merit or exhibiting hard working individuals.

From approximately 2:30 p.m. to 3 p.m. last Thursday; I sat at iconic Cooke Road crossing.

NS 1180 and 9635 were on lead a northbound/westbound coal drag.

NS 1182, 9459, and 1105 were on a long intermodal heading probably down to southbound/eastbound.

I was wondering if any trains were coming. Wind up striking up a conversation with a young man who lives in Columbus; but attends Penn State Altoona.

Appropriately enough; he is majoring in Rail Transportation Engineering,

He talked prior to the trains showing up. I told him, “It’s either feast or famine around here on rail traffic…”

Then the two trains showed up. Glad I was wrong that day.

Enter today, approximately 2:00 p.m.

I cheated. Pulled up Railstream’s app on the Fire Stick on the TV.

CR Tweed near Delaware had horns firing…

I grabbed the camera and headed to one of my favorite spots in North Columbus. Park Road Crossing near the Flint Station Carry Out.

I did not expect to see maintenance of way workers installing brand new crossing signal gates.

They were very friendly. I explained my intentions, stating I would stay out of the way.

The one gentleman stated; “Cool with you taking pictures….but I didn’t do my nails…”

He smiled and returned with the rest of the crew.

I rarely get a chance to see these guys do just their job, It was not only fascinating see them install it; but see the HV International Hi-rail Crane Truck lower and raise its booms and stabilizer braces.

And low and behold….a fast running hotshot NS intermodal roared through. (Thanks for the tip, Brandon Lee..he also advised me on the trains the week prior)

NS 4017 on point NS 4180 in the middle, NS 3617 on the end of the trio hauling like it was on a fire run to Rickenbacker Intermodal Terminal.

Again, when out and about. Be safe, be mindful of the right of way. Be respectful of the men and women who work the rails we love,

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