CCRY Columbus Division March 2021 Update and Tour

CCRY Columbus Division March 2021 Update and Tour

By Giles Kennedy

Chief Editor The Ohio Railroader Website

Chief Admin Ohio Valley Rails FB Page

10 years ago, this past summer; a layout was born.

This is the layout that not only started the Cinci Central FB Page; but the launching point for this website.

I have been very blessed to share my hobby with friends, family and those interested in starting their own rail empire.

There are bigger layouts than mine.

Allen Whitaker’s Proto-Freelance Tennessee Southern, Ken Heyl’s Cincinnati and Southern and many model railroad club layouts have been featured here.

But, the genesis was the therapy I gained from working on this layout.

“When starting my tenure with NAPA in April 2010; I was diagnosed with B-Cell Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, stage 3. This was found out shortly after Hannah was born in March. The spring of 2010 was a rough one. Tanya lost her job with her longtime employer.” From Cinci Central Columbus Division 2016 and Beyond Article, March 2016

In the midst of this, I started work on the now present layout. It was mental therapy while going through chemo. With a relapse a year after beating the first bout; I was using it to get my mind of things….

As anyone knows, a real model railroad is never truly finished.

Many friends have helped in the process of building, detailing and construction.

Please refer to the link for full history on how it got built.

As for the current layout; there have been some slight movement and re-positioning of structures.

The newest edition, is a old Walthers Heritage Furniture Building. This has been repainted and decorated to resemble Columbus’ famous Smith Bros. Hardware building.

It was purchased at The Train Station Hobby Shop in Columbus. Due to job changes, it has taken a few months to actually get on the layout.

Downtown Columbus gained the Franklin Grain Condo Tower and a soon to be redecorated Nationwide Arena is taken shape…

Although a truly freelance version of Central Ohio; I am trying to design a more realistic Downtown as if it had Union Station aka Union Terminal in tact.

Still under construction and yet not operational is a N Scale “Panhandle Road”

This construction will be updated in Summer 2021.

It will represent loosely Columbus, Newark and Lancaster.

I have been very blessed to have this great piece of model railroading in my home. I am very thankful for Tanya and Hannah for helping me along the way.

As always; see the contacts link on the website or Facebook Ohio Valley Rails Page…if you wish to visit the layout.

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