About Us (Founder’s Facts and FAQ)

FAQ About Noel Giles Kennedy

and the Ohio Railroader


Does he go by Noel or Giles?

Answer: He commonly goes by Giles, due to the fact that his mother was not thinking when naming him. Seriously, only family members and old friends call him by his first name. However, dubbed the Mighty NGK by his best friend Scott Sloan; his recent bout with lymphoma has given him more grace about the issue.


Where did he get hooked on railroads?

Answer: Straight out of the womb. He lived next to the old Chessie System/now Ohio Central branchline in Mount Vernon, Ohio.


His father; a few years after divorcing his mom, moved back to Virginia. His dad befriended several coal workers and railroaders near the N&W/NS Pocahontas Division in Southwest Virginia. When a kind switcher engineer allowed Giles to run the switcher for five miles, he was hooked for life.


Why start the Ohio Railroader?

Answer: Why Not? It was a vision to combine the hobbyists (model railroaders), railfans, historians, and eventually railroad workers on to one site. So far, so good.


Can I be involved to share stuff on the Ohio Railroader?

Answer: Log on Facebook, complete an request to join the group (Ohio Valley Rails presented by The Ohio Railroader Website) . Once request accepted, as long you are in Ohio Valley/Great Lakes region and love all things railroad in and around Ohio….there ya go. Certain rules apply, no purchase necessary, void in Guam, see dealer for details. (Ha,ha)