10 Years and Still On Track

An Open Letter from Ohio Railroader founder

Noel Giles Kennedy

As I type this, Clint Bramkamp of Cincinnati and our own Northeast Ohio Editor (and dear friend) Justin Knox contributed to the renewal of the Ohio Railroader website.

Our Facebook page, Ohio Valley Rails; remains a free social media resource.

Whereas, the website hosting renewal cost about the sum of renewing your Model Railroader and Trains magazine subscriptions together.

I debated on even keeping the website. However, here are a few reasons why I did retain the rights to the site.

  1. The relationship between the organizations, businesses and rail-centric folks have warranted the Ohio Railroader to continue its online presence.

Between the Dayton Train Show, Central Ohio N-Trak, the Ohio Railway Museum, the Dennison Railroad Depot and countless others; we have helped promoting literally what we stand for. All for the Love of the Iron Horse.

Launched in late 2010; we will actually carry over our mission statement as long as we can.

We are not paid staff members. However, with the likes of David Rohdenburg. Drayton Blackgrove and others who have pursued their dreams….we are grateful for adding “fire to the boiler” as it were.

2. Those new to all things railroad; we want to continue to be an inspiration.

We have inspired kids and kids at heart to seek out those things past, present and future of all things railroad. For that, we must carry the torch and guide the throttle into the future.

Although I administer the website; folks on Ohio Valley Rails (the Facebook page) are open and welcome to submit articles and gladly post them.

This helps keep the dreams of running on the rails (professionally, historically or modeling) alive and well.

3. OHRRer and OVR are indeed separate yet the same.

The website has been and always will be an outlet outside of Facebook

The Facebook site allows those who have joined to interact and share.

Either format stands by and retains our ethos.

Simply put, bringing the news from Buckeye State and surrounding areas of model railroading, railfanning, and real railroads to the masses.

We did start in Ohio Valley Rails in 2010; the website, The Ohio Railroader; shortly after….

We offer a family friendly rail social media page with OVR. Whether in our main coverage area (OH, KY, WV, SW VA, PA, MI, IN) or beyond; we are here for the love of the Iron Horse.

Modelers, pro railroaders, historians, photographers and all for love railroads are welcome….Buckeye State and Beyond, we are The Ohio Railroader website and Ohio Valley Rails

We will continiue our 10 year celebration into 2021 and hope to plan events and gatherings accordingly.

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